About Us

Shrimp Gang Designs was formed from nothing. Just a young man exiting the military with the worry of  "what I was going to do with my life?". I started out of my laundry room on a self built desk made of 2x4's, I bought a clearance laptop from Walmart and spent day in and day out learning CAD on Youtube.  With my known date of exiting the military, I final convinced my wife to invest what little we had into the company and that my designs may be worth something. Our initial run was 15 tubes, and we sold out in 3 minutes. That was the beginning.

We established our company in May of 2021 with the hope of bringing something "new" to the storage community. We are a small shop based out of Alvarado, TX and currently have one employee. We are veteran owned and operated. We are now awaiting delivery our very first CNC machine.